our mission
"Our mission is to create a community for people who want to reconnect with nature by sharing outdoor experiences"
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What is Namastribe

Namastribe is a community that connects nature and sport lovers sharing outdoor activities and thrilling experiences while remaining at one with our environment.

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Our experiences

We like to share outdoor activities, travel, gain new experiences and knowledge! Discover Nature its landscapes, do yoga, surfing, snowboarding, climbing, MTB and much more!

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about us

Introducing ourselves

yoga teacher
ski teacher

Siamo Margherita e Ludovica.
Our friendship was born from sharing the same lifestyle: sporty, dynamic and adrenaline-fuelled... but not only that! Margherita studied Design while Ludovica Cooperation and Development; after years looking for the right job, we realized that the office was not for us and it was time to find the courage to take risks and get out of our comfort zone. We love life, we like to make new friends and are always ready to embark on new adventures. We face life and obstacles with positivity and determination.

Namastribe is an endeavor that captures our dreams and our personalities: sharing outdoor adventures, traveling, expanding our experiences and knowledge!  Discovering the outdoors of Ligurian, Italy, Sardinia and Spain, doing yoga, surfing, snowboarding, MTB, climbing and sooo much more!

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